Competency credentialing

Polytechnic students demonstrate mastery of concepts and applied skills (known as competencies) while they enjoy flexibility to focus on their interests and learn at their own pace.

Competency-based instruction responds to industry’s call for ensuring graduates have demonstrated mastery of key concepts and skills companies seek. At the same time, it offers students flexibility and a level of autonomy in pursuing their interests while steering away from course seat-time requirements. With the college’s first-ever competency-based transdisciplinary studies in technology degree already approved and serving as a pathfinder, the college should offer a growing number of competency-based majors and degrees and build a reputation as a national leader in this area.

Examples of how Purdue Polytechnic is implementing competency credentialing

On Camera: Competency-Based Education

Learn how the new transdisciplinary studies in technology degree is using competency-based education (CBE) to provide graduates with exactly what employers want for the 21st century.

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