Class Ring

Purdue ROTC Class Ring

A tri-service committee was formed to conceptualize and develop a commissioning ring and ceremony, which will become a recurring annual event. The purpose of this ring is not just to have some extra "bling" to wear, this is a ring that should be worn with pride and honor. The Purdue ROTC program is one of the best in the nation. We have produced many heroes and achievements unparalleled by other universities. They include but are not limited to, the first and last man on the moon, the first African-American commissioned officer in the Marine Corps, the first female Admiral to command an Amphibious Strike Group and the highest honor of all, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. This ring will create a common link between the past, the present and the future military officers of this great university. It will serve as a symbol of the common bond we all share of lack of sleep, extra classes, pt, and excessive paperwork, that makes us different from every other college student on campus.

The second annual Purdue ROTC Joint Ring Ceremony will take place at Purdue tentatively scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14th, in the Purdue Memorial Union North Ballroom. The cadets and midshipmen who purchased an ROTC class ring will receive their ring ceremonially and take part in a dinner-dance and formal event that evening. They have the distinct honor of being the second class to receive a Purdue class ring that salutes their commitment to the service of our country. This Commissioning Ring Ceremony was conceived and organized by students in 2010. It is the only one in the Big Ten and one of only a handful in the nation. The event is open to Purdue ROTC alumni and supporters. For information, please contact Navy midshipman Hadley Miller at

Additionally, the ring is available for purchase by alumni as well. A brochure and order form is linked in this page as well.

As you know, Purdue has a long and proud ROTC tradition. As one who has walked in our boots, we hope you can join us and accept the first ring at the ceremony.

This represents the first time the university has permitted the creation of a specialized class ring. Embossed on one side will be the crest of the individual’s branch of service. The other will feature the Memorial Union, built in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters. On the top will fly the Griffin, a symbol of strength calling to mind our guardianship of our nation. The ring is available to seniors and all Purdue ROTC alumni to commemorate their time at Purdue and service to our nation.