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Norwegian Ruck March

Norwegian Footmarch 2020 Cancelled

We are saddened to announce that Norwegian Footmarch at Purdue is cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately the Army has recently published new guidance that only military exchange programs are able to award foreign awards. This means that as an Army ROTC Program we are no longer allowed to award the Norwegian Footmarch Badge going forward.

We feel it would be disingenuous now to hold this event with the title of a Norwegian Footmarch. Additionally, we polled individuals on whether they would be interested in attending even if they did not earn the badge. The majority of the respondents replied that they were not interested in attending. So we will not be holding the event with the hope that the guidance at some point will change or we come up with another concept that will draw sufficient interest to justify holding an endurance race in the future.

We thank you all for your continuing support of our program and hope those of you who have attended in the past had a great time earning the badge!