Norwegian Ruck March

Start Date:

March 24, 2018

Registration Dates:

Opening Date- December 01, 2017

Closing Date- March 23, 2018


This event is being held by Purdue Army ROTC Boiler Battalion at Purdue University

Event Info:

This year marked the 2nd annual Norwegian Foot March event that Purdue University has held.  This event is supported by the Boiler Battalion and numerous sponsors who have dedicated quality time to make this event run smoothly and flawlessly.  For this event we had a capacity limit for roughly 250 participants.  This year there we had close to 200 participants from all over the country including numerous universities, national guardsman, and individual runners. With the help of some volunteers and the Purdue/West Lafayette/Lafayette Police Departments we were able to have a safe and successful event. Next year we hope to host even more participants and continue to grow our following as the years go on.  Sign up and bring your best because this course will challenge you to give it all you got. Boiler Up!


18.6 Miles

25 lbs Rucksack

4.5 Hours to Finish

*All other info regarding weight, times, uniforms, etc are in the Rules and Regulations sidebar



NOTICE: Per MILPER Message Number 16-303 the NFM Badge is once again authorized for wear.  As such we will provide a DA Form 4187 for all participants earning the badge.



 TOP MALE - Maciolek, Zachary, 2:46:25.9, West Lafayette, IN (USMC ROTC)

 TOP FEMALE - Haebig, Molly, 3:25:44.7, Louisville, KY

 TOP TOP TEAM - Louisville (Esterle, Haebig, Stanley)




Each year we conduct a food drive with our event to benefit local charities. This year, we will host a free 5K to improve community involvement in the food drive. 


Here is what we can accept:


100 percent fruit juices 

Baking items
Boxed rice and potatoes
Canned fish and meats
Canned fruits and vegetables
Meals in a can/box
Peanut Butter
Canned soups and stews


Pet food (dry bagged or can)

Cleaning Products

Paper Goods - toilet paper/paper towels/kleenex