Cadet Clubs and Organizations

Ranger Club


c/CPT Emmett


The Ranger Club of Purdue University’s Army ROTC is officially described as, “a group of “high-speed” cadets who take their tactical training to a higher level than is provided in normal ROTC training.” They voluntarily give up their already-limited time to improve their tactical skills. The curriculum of the club is focused on current Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. The club also looks into current threats to our forces and how we constantly adapt to defeat the enemy.

Pathfinder CrossFit

OIC: c/MAJ Rosenbalm

Pathfinders is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. We constantly vary our workouts because routine plateaus result, once your body becomes use to the routine, performance peaks. Keeping your body guessing is the best way to gain substantial results. Functional movements have been somewhat of a hot topic in the fitness world. Functional movement is formally defined as being a heavy load for long distance with emphasis on multi joint movements instead of single joint movements like stereotypical gym machines do. But informally can be defined as a movement that if you saw in regular everyday live you wouldn’t look twice at because it is part of everyday natural life, something the typical globo gyms forget about with their weightlifting machines, which do not imitate any movement you would see in real life. Performing these movements at high intensity gives you a metabolic response that typical strength and conditioning lack. It also gives you more time under tension, which stresses out your muscles to a point of muscle failure. Pathfinder CrossFit meets 8 times a week, 530-700 in the mornings and 1830-1930 in the evening. They are all located in the armory. Each session will last about an hour. It will include a warm up, a strength component and a workout. The evening sessions are open to anyone in ROTC. The morning sessions you have to be invited by the OIC of Pathfinders and the minimum PT score is 280 to be able to join.

Ranger Challenge

OIC: c/CPT Heath



OIC: c/2LT Webster

A group of dedicated cadets, ran by MSG Eric Anderson along with Cadet Clay Lawson and Cadet Bryson Andersen, gather every Tuesday from 6-8 to integrate precision pistol shooting and competition rifle. Cadets enjoy not only the camaraderie, but also the thrill of enhancing their military careers. Each Tuesday night participants utilize the Armory drill floor to practice and hone in their accuracy and skills. Currently the Armory has 40 small bore .22 caliber lanes, which is the largest on campus range in the NCAA. Come out and enjoy watching us do “Our Thing.”

German Proficiency Badge

OIC: c/1LT Bowlby


Color Guard

OIC: c/1LT Barnard

Color Guard is in charge of presenting, protecting, and retrieving the colors that symbolize those who have fallen for the prevention of freedom and for those who still fight for freedom today. A club designed to represent the Boiler Battalion through honor, duty, and selfless service.

Color Guard honors the long time Army tradition of respecting the flag and the service through proper ceremony procedures reverence. Marching and handling of the colors and rifles are the focus of the club. Examples of Color Guard events include: Home football games, Dining Out, and Memorial Day ceremonies.

Sisters In Arms

OIC: c/CPT Martin, A.
NCOIC: c/SSG Walters

Sisters In Arms is a new club deigned specifically for female cadets. We build camaraderie between the young ladies in ROTC, aid in personal, professional, and leadership development, and most importantly have fun. We will accomplish this by brining in successful female leaders to speak to us about their experiences, doing challenging activities to boost confidence, and extending into a community service program.

Running Club

OIC: c/1LT Webster

The Running Club is a newly founded exercising club for the 2013-2014 school year. It primarily focuses on exercise to improve your cardio and running endurance. This includes anything from sprints to 10k runs and everything in between. Meeting twice a week on Monday and Saturday mornings, this club can do anything from helping you if you struggle at your 2 mile run, or to simply have people to run outside of formal PT. So weather you need help on your run, want people to run with, or just love running in general, come out one week and see if you like it!

Book Club

OIC: c/CPT Heath

The Book Club founded in Fall 2012, is a club that focuses on reading military related books that provide lessons learned from veterans and currently serving soldiers. The club meets once a month on Wednesdays at 1800 in the Armory to discuss the book assigned for the prior month. This gives a chance for an open forum discussion of the book that cadets can use to pull insight out of the book as well as generate discussion based on the books contents. Regardless of whether you physically attend or not, this club can provide an excellent list of books to read and further one’s military domain knowledge. There is always a few copies of the books being currently read within the cadre office, so never feel obligated the this club requires you to buy a book every month to read. Past books read include: The Mission, The Men, and Me, Chosen Soldier, No Easy Day, and much more!