Business Office Directory


Purdue Polytechnic Institute Administration




Angie Delworth


KNOY 461

Director of Financial Affairs 

Tonya Byrd


KNOY 279

Polytech Initiatives & Budgeting, Reporting, Training Coordinator

Lisa Lawson


KNOY 459

Business Assistant


Business Managers and Research Support

Debbie Miethke   


KNOY 278

Business Manager for Statewide Technology

Erin Aldridge


YONG 431

Business Manager for Young Business Operations Center and Technology Leadership Innovation

Melissa Walters


NISW 203

Business Manager for ProSTAR and Aviation and Transportation Technology

Hillary Fox


KNOY 265

Business Manager for Construction Management Technology, School of  Engineering Technology, Computer Information Technology, and Computer Graphics Technology.

Lynn Grimes


KNOY 269

Research Account Specialist providing college research oversight and direct business support for: Associate Dean for Research Richard Voyles, Nathan Hartman, Qingyou Han, Eric Matson, Eric Dietz and Tom Hacker 


Business Assistants 

Judy Ewbank

496-6253 NISW 225

Aviation and Transportation Technology Account Management and Operations

Desiree Cochran

496-1619 KNOY 276
Statewide Technology Monthly Payroll, Benefits, Projections 

Deb Denno

496-0381 KNOY 267
KNOY Academic Departments Account Management, General Business support, Credit Card Check Out 

Account Clerks 

Julie May

496-1225 KNOY 271
Knoy Hall and Statewide Technology Travel Processing and Study Abroad account management

April Mendez

494-2556 KNOY 275
Polytechnic Statewide- Procurement (Direct Invoice Vouchers and Ariba), Biweekly Payroll, Biweekly leaves and benefits, credit card reconciliations   

Tina Rice

494-2555 KNOY 277
Knoy Hall monthly payroll, monthly leaves and benefits, salary projections and credit card checkout 

Debbie Frantz

494-6548 KNOY 273
General Research Administration support, credit card approvals 

Sally Carter

496-0463 KNOY 295
Capstone Account Management & Business Support


496-6682 vacant NISW 225

Aviation and Transportation Technology travel & procurement processing and biweekly payroll

Emily Haygood

494-9951 NISW 225

Aviation and Transportation Technology and ProSTAR travel, Study Abroad, monthly payroll and monthly leaves, Flight Operations billings


Business Office Student Helpers 

Kyle Rice KNOY 277
KNOY Business Office

Ethan Hawes NISW 225
SATT Business Office