Fees & Policies

Program fees

Program Fee for Indiana residents Fee for out-of-state residents Books
Industrial Technology $750 per credit hour $1,030 per credit hour Included
Leadership $750 per credit hour $1,030 per credit hour Included
Aviation Management $750 per credit hour $775 per credit hour Not included
IT Project Management $750 per credit hour $775 per credit hour Not included
Building Construction Management $682 per credit hour $906 per credit hour Not included
Biometrics Fees are "variable" based on course selection. Contact ProSTAR for details.
BIRS (Biotechnology Innovation & Regulatory Sciences) $1,000 per credit hour $1,030 per credit hour Included

Fees are due on the first day of class and may be paid by mail or in person. If your employer is covering the program costs, you're responsible for making sure they've either paid the fees or provided a voucher indicating intent to pay by the first day of class. You're responsible for any additional educational materials, such as supplies, internet access and subscription fees. As this is a fee based program (not tuition based), Purdue Fee Remission does not apply. These are tentative fees and may be subject to change.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to The Purdue Graduate School and Purdue Polytechnic Institute you are required to have obtained a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university. Your GPA for the last completed degree must be above a 3.00 on a scale of 4.00. (If you did not obtain a 3.00, please contact ProSTAR to discuss conditional admittance.)

Special Requirements:

ITPM - a background (education and/or experience) in IT systems and architecture is required.

BCM - Five years in the construction industry is required, and the GRE is required for all applicants.

Financial assistance

Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid is here to help you find and apply for the financial support you need.

Installment Plan

What is the Installment Plan?

The plan offers an alternative way to ease the burden of having to make one large payment each semester. Persons wanting to participate in the plan should enroll online via myPurdue. Participants will be charged 8% APR on the amount of fees deferred per semester (average cost for enrollment is approximately $45 for students per term and will vary based upon the total amount deferred). Twenty-five percent of the amount due for tuition and fees (thirty-three percent for Summer) must be paid at the time of enrollment in the plan. The remaining fees (amount deferred) will be paid in up to three equal (two for Summer) amounts over the course of the semester. This plan is available for paying your tuition and fees, and contracted housing charges.


How does the Installment Plan Work?

  • Students who would like to participate in the plan should enroll online at myPurdue. Terms available for the plan will be provided at the time of enrollment.
  • A finance charge is applicable based upon the balance deferred after the down payment.
  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount due for tuition and fees and contracted housing charges must be paid at the time of enrollment in the plan. The remaining fees, plus finance charges, will be paid in three equal amounts over the course of the semester. (Summer requires 33% at the time of enrollment)
  • The initial 25% payment (33% for Summer) will need to be submitted online to enroll in the plan. Each subsequent installment should be paid by the due dates provided (late fees are applicable if payments are not made by the due date). As a convenience, participants may choose to schedule each installment payment in advance via an automatic deduction from a designated bank account.

How do I sign up for the Installment Plan?

To sign up for the installment plan:

  • Log on to your myPurdue account
  • Select the "Financial" tab
  • Click on "Manage My Account"
  • Select "Payment Plans"
  • Click on "Sign up for a new Payment Plan"

Extended information such as Account and E-bill instructions can be found on the Bursar's page and by clicking here

Click here for Tuition/Fee Calculator 


If you drop hours or withdraw from the program, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund of fees:

Drop Hours / Withdraw Refund
Prior to the first day of classes 100%
During the first two weeks of classes 80%
During the third and fourth weeks of classes 60%
During the fifth and sixth weeks of classes 40%


Weekend program students will receive books for the first semester during the first weekend session, and books for the following semesters will be distributed on the final weekend session of each prior semester. Distance education students will receive a list of books to purchase in advance of the first class session.

Incomplete grades

According to Purdue policy, you must complete coursework “in the time interval specified by the instructor, but no later than the 12th week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment.” After this time, you will receive an incomplete or “I” grade. If you complete the work within the officially stated time period, your instructor will request a grade change and you’ll receive a grade report at the end of the semester indicating the new grade. If you do not complete the work, your “I” grade will be converted to an “F” and recorded on your transcript. It’s your responsibility to complete the required work and follow up with your instructor to ensure the necessary administrative actions are taken.

Attendance at weekend programs

Missing a weekend is equal to missing a third of your classes in a normal semester-that’s why attendance at every weekend session and all weekend session classes is mandatory. If circumstances force you to miss any part of a campus weekend, contact your faculty members in advance and work with them to get the information and assignments you need.