Lab Science Selective

4 credits in this area are needed for graduation. The courses listed below in bold are 4 or more credit hour courses. You may take two of the 3 credit hour courses instead of one 4 credit hour course. The course(s) must have a lab component. It must not have an online lab component. You must meet all course pre-requisites.

At least one class must be chosen from the following:
Chemistry - CHM 11100, CHM 11200, CHM 11500, CHM 11600, CHM 12500, CHM 12600, CHM 13600, CHM 20000
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences - EAPS 11100, EAPS 11200
Physics - PHYS 21900, PHYS 22100, PHYS 27200

If taking two 3 credit hour courses, you may choose the second course from the above list or from among the following:
Computer Graphics Technology CGT) courses: CGT 11000, CGT 11600, CGT 14100, CGT 21100, CGT 21600. (NOT ACCEPTED: CGT 16400,
CGT 26200, CGT 36000, CGT 46000, CGT 46200).
Computer and Information Technology courses with a lab such as CNIT 15500, CNIT 17500, CNIT 18000
Computer Science course with a lab such as CS 11000, CS 15800, CS 17700, CS 18000, CS 23500

Other courses may apply, see academic advisor. EAPS 11800 is also acceptable

Credit Hours: