Lab Science Selective

See approved list at: and check schedule of classes to ensure the course is being offered with a lab component. The following courses are typically offered with a lab component:

BIOL 11000 Fundamentals of Biology I*
BIOL 11100 Fundamentals of Biology II*
BIOL 13500 First Year Biology Laboratory*
BIOL 14501 First Year Biology Laboratory with Research Project*
BIOL 14502 First Year Biology Laboratory with Research Project*
BIOL 14600 Introduction to Biology*
BIOL 20300 Human Anatomy and Physiology*
BIOL 20400 Human Anatomy and Physiology*
BIOL 20500 Biology for Elementary Teachers* 
BIOL 20600 Biology for Elementary Teachers*
BTNY 11000 Introduction to Plant Science*
CHM 11100 General Chemistry*
EAPS 10200 Earth Science for Elementary Education*
EAPS 10900 The Dynamic Earth*
HORT 10100 Fundamentals of Horticulture*
PHYS 17200 Modern Mechanics*
CHM 11200 General Chemistry*
CHM 11500 General Chemistry*
CHM 11600 General Chemistry*
PHYS 21800 General Physics*
PHYS 21900 General Physics II*
PHYS 22000 General Physics*
PHYS 22100 General Physics*
PHYS 27200 Electric and Magnetic Interactions*
CHM 12500 Introduction to Chemistry I*
CHM 12600 Introduction to Chemistry II*
CHM 13600 General Chemistry Honors*
CHM 20000 Fundamentals of Chemistry*
CHM 12901 General Chemistry with Biological Focus* 

Credit Hours: