Interdisciplinary Selective

Any University recognized non-computing minor with at least 15 credits or an approved set of related courses in which Information Technology can be applied.

COM 32400 Introduction to Organizational Communication
ENTR 20000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENTR 31000 Marketing and Management for New Ventures
IET 45100 Monetary Analysis for Industrial Decisions
IT 34200 Introduction to Statistical Quality
IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture
IT 45000 Production Cost Analysis
MET 45100 Manufacturing Quality Control
MFET 24300 Automated Manufacturing I
MFET 40000 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
MFET 45100 Manufacturing Quality Control
MGMT 20100 Management Accounting I
MGMT 30400 Introduction to Financial Management
MGMT 32300 Introduction to Market Analysis
MGMT 44301 Management of Human Resources
MGMT 45500 Legal Background for Business I
OLS 37500 Training Methods
OLS 37600 Human Resource Issues
OLS 38600 Leadership for Organizational Change & Innovation
OLS 47700 Conflict Management
OLS 48400 Leadership Strategies for Quality and Productivity
PSY 27200 Introduction to Industrial Organizational Psychology 

Credit Hours: