CGT Globalizations Selective

AD 25500 Art Appreciation 
AD 45400 Modern Architecture 
AGEC 25000 Econ. Geography of World Food 
ANTH 10000 Introduction to Anthropology 
ANTH 20500 Human Cultural Diversity 
ANTH 21200 Culture, Food, and Health  
ANTH 23000 Gender Across Culture  
ANTH 31200 The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt  
ANTH 32700 Environment and Culture 
ANTH 33600 Human Variation 
ANTH 38000 Using Anthropology in the Word 
ARAB 23000 Arabic Literature in Translation 
ASAM 24000 Intro to Asian American Studies 
ASAM 34000 Contemp. Issues in Asian America 
CHNS 28000 Topics in Chinese Civiliz. & Culture  
CLCS 18100 Classical World Civilizations  
CLCS 23100 Survey of Latin Literature 
CLCS 28000 Topics in Classic Civilizations 
CLCS 38500 Sci,  Med, and Magic in Ancient West 
CMPL  23000 Intro to Comparative Literature 
CMPL 26600 World Lit to 1700 A D 
CMPL 26700 World Lit from 1700 to now 
COM 22400 Com in the Global Workplace 
COM 30300 Intercultural Communication  
EAPS 37500 Fossil Fuels, Energy, and Society 
EEE 35500 Eng Environmental Sustainability 
ENGL 23000 Great Narrative Works 
ENGL 24000 British Lit Through 18th Century  
ENGL 24100 Brit Lit From Romantic. to Modern  
ENGL 26600 World Literature to 1700 A D  
ENGL 26700 World Literature 1700 to now 
ENGL 34100 Topics in Sci, Lit, and Culture 
FNR 10300 Intro to Environm. Conservation
HDFS 28000 Diversity in Individ. & Family Life
HEBR 28000 Modern Israel: Cinema, Lit, ect. 
HEBR 28400 Ancient Near E Hist and Culture 
HIST 10300 Intro to the Medieval World 
HIST 10400 Intro to the Modern World 
HIST 10500 Global History 
HIST 20400 East Asia in the Modern World 
HIST 24100 East Asia in the Modern World
HIST 24300 South Asian History and Civilization
HIST 24500 Middle East History and Culture
HIST 25000 US Relations, Mid. East & N. Africa
HIST 27200 Latin American History from 1824
HIST 31700 History of the Christian Church I
HIST 32900 Women in Modern Europe
HIST 33400 Sci & Tech in West. Civilization II
HIST 34200 Africa and the West
HIST 35100 Second World War
HIST 36100 Violence in Africa
HIST 37500 US Women Since 1870
JPNS 28000 Intro to Modern Japanese Civilization
JWST 33000 Intro to Jewish Studies
LC 23500 East Asian Literature
LC 23900 Contemporary Foreign Women Writers
PHIL 11400 Global Morals Issues
PHIL 20600 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 21900 Intro to Existentialism
PHIL 24000 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 24200 Phil, Culture & African American Exp
PHIL 27000 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 29000 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 33000 Religions of the East
PHIL 33100 Religions of the West
POL 13000 Intro to International Relations
POL 14100 Governments of the World
POL 22200 Women, Politics and Public Policy
POL 2300 Intro to the Study of Peace
POL 23100 Intro to US Foreign Policy
POL 23500 Rich and Poor Nations
POL 23700 Modern Weapons & International Relations
POL 30400 Israel and World Politics
POL 32700 Green Global Politics
POL 34200 Govt and Politics in the Communist Successor States
POL 34500 West European Democracies in the Post-Industrial Era
POL 34800 East Asian Politics
SOC 33800 Global Social Movements
SOC 33900 Introduction to Sociology of Developing Nations
TECH 33000 Tech & the Global Society
Any foreign language course of 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402, or 235
Any Study Abroad experience on your Purdue Transcript

Credit Hours: