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NOTE: The below textbook information is the most recent details for the 2020-21 academic year. Textbook information is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the faculty member. If you have questions or concerns, contact Purdue Online - Polytechnic Institute (765-494-4150 or PurdueOnlinePolytechnic@purdue.edu). 

CNIT 55100 EPM - IT Economics (Jeffrey Whitten)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN

Required -- Purchasing and Financial Management of Information Technology

Bannister, F.

1st Ed (2004)


Required -- How to measure anything: Finding the value of intangibles in business

Hubbard, D.‚Äč

3rd Ed (2014)


Optional -- Using Excel for business analysis: A guide to financial modeling fundamentals Fairhurst, Danielle Stein 2015 B017MYNSZA

CNIT 55200 PME - IT Project Management (Jeffrey Brewer)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN
Methods of IT Project Management Brewer, Jeffrey L., & Dittman, Kevin C.  3rd Ed. (2018) ISBN-13: 978-1557538321
ePDF ISBN: 978-1612495514
ePUB ISBN: 978-1612495521

CNIT 58000 ATP - Advanced Topics in IT Project Management (Instructor: Gregg Reed)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN
Agile Project Management: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Agile Project Management Marcus Ries  1st Ed 978-1539877301
Agile Project Management with Scrum Ken Schwaber 1st Ed 978-0735619937
Agile Project Management with Kanban Eric Brechner 1st Ed 978-0735698956

CNIT 58200 EST - IT Estimating-Control-Scheduling (Jeffrey Brewer)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN
Software Estimation: Demystifying the black art. Steve McConnell  1st Ed (2006) 978-0735605350

CNIT 58300 PPM - IT Program and Portfolio Management (William Allbee)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN
The DNA of Strategy Execution; Next Generation Project Management and PMO Jack Duggal 2018 978-1119278016

CNIT 58500 PQM - Organizational & Project Change Management (Jeffrey Whitten)

Textbook Name Author Edition ISBN
Who killed change? Solving the mystery of leading people through change Blanchard, K., Britt, J., Hoekstra, J., Zigarmi, P.  1st Ed 978-0061778933
Change management: The people side of change Hiatt, J. and Creasey, T  2nd Ed 978-1930885615
The change management pocket guide: Tools for managing change Nelson, K. and Aaron, S. 2nd Ed 978-0976735939 

BPMN Quick and Easy Using Method and Style

Silver, B. 2017 978-0982368169