MET Elective or approved Focus Area Elective

MET 30200 CAD in the Enterprise (Spring Only)
MET 31100 Experimental Strength of Materials (Fall only)
MET 31700 Machine Diagnostics (Spring Only)
MET 33400 Advanced Fluid Power (Spring Only)
MET 34900 Stringed Instrument Design and Manufacture
MET 38200 Controls and Instrumentation for Automation (Spring Only)
MET 40000 Mechanical Design
MET 41100 Introduction to the Finite Element Method (Spring Only)
MET 42100 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Fall only)
MET 42600 Internal Combustion Engines (Fall only)
MET 43200 Hydraulic Motion Control Systems (Spring Only)
MET 43600 Pneumatic Motion Control Systems (Fall only)
MET 44301 Joining Processes
MET 45100 Manufacturing Quality Control (Fall only)
MET 48600 Fundamentals of Motorsports
MET 42400 Green Manufacturing and Sustainability
MET 49000 Multidisciplinary Capstone I (Fall only)
MET 49000 Multidisciplinary Capstone II (Spring Only)

Credit Hours: