Technical Selective or approved Focus Area Elective

A 300-400 level ENGR, ECET, MFET, CS or elective IET course.
A CHM, MA, PHYS or STAT course beyond what is required.
Any MET elective course

ANSC 230 Physiology of Domestic Animals
AT 27200 Intro to Composite Technology
AT 27800 Nondestructive Testing
AT 47800 Advanced Nondestructive Testing
BCHM 22100 Analytical Biochemistry
BCM 23000 Mechanical/Electrical Systems
BCM 31500 Mechanical Construction Estimating
BCM 38000 Concrete Construction
BIOL 20300 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 22100 Introduction to Microbiology
CGT 226 Into to Constraint Based Modeling
CHM 11200/CHM 11600 General Chemistry II
CHM 22300 Principles of Biochemistry
CHM 48100 Environmental Chemistry
CE 35000 Environmental Engineering
CE 35500 Engineering Environmental Sustainability
CNIT 10500 C Language Programming
ENTM 21800 Introduction to Forensic Sciences
FNR 30100 Wood Products/Wood Processes
FNR 31100 Wood Structure, Identification and Properties
FNR 41800 Properties fo Wood Related to Manufacturing
FNR 42500 Secondary Wood Products Manufacturing
FS 22200 Safety of Foods
HSCI 31200 Radiation Science Fundamentals
IE 47700 Work Methods and Measurement
IE 57700 Human Factors in Engineering
IT 10400 Industrial Organization
IT 33000 Industrial Sales and Sales Management
IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture
IT 35100 Occupational Safety and Health
IT 43400 Global Transportation and Logistics Management
MA 26100 Multivariate Calculus

Credit Hours: