Weekend program students will receive books for the first semester during the first weekend session, and books for the following semesters will be distributed on the final weekend session of each prior semester. Distance education students will receive a list of books to purchase in advance of the first class session.

Incomplete grades

According to Purdue policy, you must complete coursework “in the time interval specified by the instructor, but no later than the 12th week of the second subsequent semester of enrollment.” After this time, you will receive an incomplete or “I” grade. If you complete the work within the officially stated time period, your instructor will request a grade change and you’ll receive a grade report at the end of the semester indicating the new grade. If you do not complete the work, your “I” grade will be converted to an “F” and recorded on your transcript. It’s your responsibility to complete the required work and follow up with your instructor to ensure the necessary administrative actions are taken.