Job Placement Resources

Most of the web pages linked to from this page are not managed through the CIT program. Please report broken links to the MS CIT Webmaster.

Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

The Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) is Purdue University's centralized job placement organization, providing services to employers and students, alike, for both full-time employment upon graduation to internships. Follow the link to the CCO home page.

Computer Roundtable (CR)

The annual AITP Computer Roundtable (CR), sponsored by the student chapter of the Association for Information Technology Professionals, is a computing and information technology career fair at Purdue University. This is a great opportunity for IT companies to recruit highly qualified students from many of the different computer-related programs here on campus. Follow the link to the CR home page.

Industrial Roundtable (IR)

The Purdue Industrial Roundtable is one of the largest student-operated job fairs for students in the STEM disciplines, meaning science, technology, engineering, math, (and management). Sponsored by the Purdue Engineering Student Council, it attracts more than 300 companies, many looking for information technology students. Follow the link to learn more about the IR.