Graduate Courses

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Fall 2018 Courses

IT 50700  Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology - An introduction to measurement strategies in industrial, technical, and human resource development environments. The evaluation of measurement outcomes will be the primary focus of the course. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3.000 Credit hours, CRN 15683

IT 53500  Global Supply Chain Management - The objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge of global supply chain management and its application in industries. This course explores supply chain management, expanding beyond the linkage between producer and distributor to include other enterprises in the product life cycle, beginning with concept design and ending in disposal. Learning methodologies include lecture, case study, and collaborative student group activities in applied research. Permission of department required. Typically offered Fall. 3 Credit hours, CRN 18680

IT 54000  Biometric Performance and Usability Analysis - An introduction of test methodologies from disciplines outside of biometrics, which include: usability, ergonomics, human factors, and human-computer interaction, in order to demonstrate how biometric data analysis can benefit from understanding how humans interact with biometric sensors during the testing and evaluation of biometric systems. The course explores test methods, case studies, and prior biometric testing reports in order to develop a test methodology that includes information on how users interact with biometric systems. Permission of department required. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.  3 Credit hours, CRN 22162

IT 54500  Biometrics Technology and Applications - Examines biometrics technology as it relates to security, access control, and the authentication of individuals. The course will examine biometric technologies including iris, face, finger, hand geometry, dynamic signature verification, skin print analysis, and voice recognition. Permission of instructor required. Typically offered Summer Fall Spring. 3 Credit hours, CRN 22272

IT 59000 Special Problems in Industrial Technology - Power, Energy, Onshore and Afloat

OLS 57700  Organization and Administration of Training and Development - The function and management of training and development in the world of work. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer. 3 Credit hours, CRN 19721

OLS 58100  Ethics, Law & Policy & Strategic Planning -  Advanced study of technical and professional topics. Emphasis is on new developments relating to technical, operational, and training aspects of industry and technology education. Course may be offered in traditional, distance, or blended format. Course format may vary, depending upon topic of course. Typically offered Summer Fall Spring.  CRN


TECH 58100  Workshop in Technology - Advanced study of technical and professional topics. Emphasis is on new developments relating to technical, operational, and training aspects of industry and technology education. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.
0.000 TO 8.000 Credit hours 

TECH 64600  Analysis of Research in Industry and Technology - Analysis of research and evaluation of research reports. Emphasis on understanding the application of fundamental statistical methods in design and interpretation of research findings in

TLI 52000 Foundations of Innovation Studies – Foundations Of Innovation Studies has been designed to provide a broad spectrum introduction to the field of innovation studies. Students will gain practical and theoretical knowledge of innovation at a variety of levels, including the individual, team, organizational, and ecosystem contexts. Students will examine innovation strategies and tensions within the innovation “triple helix” of industry, academia, and government through the use of case studies and individually selected research reports. Throughout the class, students will examine recent innovation efforts and present short innovation cases that align with the learning objectives of the class. Typically offered Fall. 3 Credit hours, CRN 19462

TLI 52200 Good Regulatory Practice – Includes a review of the FDA and ICH regulations on good manufacturing, good laboratory, and good clinical practices. The meaning of these regulations, the globalization of practices, and the roles and responsibilities of various professionals implementing these regulations are addressed. Special emphasis will be detailed coverage of the process for the assembly and submission of an IND or NDA, and the function of the regulatory affairs department in a pharmaceutical company. Typically offered Summer Fall Spring. 3 credit hours, CRN 16362