Lab Science Selective

Must be a lab from the approved UCC Science list:

ASTR 26300 Descriptive Astronomy: The Solar System
ASTR 26400 Descriptive Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
BIOL 11000 Fundamentals of Biology I
BIOL 11100 Fundamentals of Biology II
BIOL 12100 Biology I: Ecology, Diversity, & Behavior
BIOL 13100 Biology II: Dev, Structure & Function of Organisms
BIOL 13500 First year Biology lab
BIOL 14600 Introduction to Biology
BIOL 20300 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 20400 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BTNY 11000 Intro to Plant Science
CHM 11100 General Chemistry
CHM 11200 General Chemistry
CHM 11500 General Chemistry
CHM 11600 General Chemistry
CHM 12500 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 12600 Introduction to Chemistry II
CHM 13600 General Chemistry Honors
CHM 20000 Fund of Chemistry
EAPS 10900 The Dynamic Earth
EAPS 11100 Physical Geology
EAPS 11200 Earth through Time
EAPS 24300 Earth Materials I
EAPS 24400 Earth Materials II
HORT 10100 Fundamentals of Horticulture
PHYS 17200 Modern Mechanics
PHYS 21800 General Physics I
PHYS 21900 General Physics II
PHYS 22000 General Physics
PHYS 22100 General Physics
PHYS 24100 Electricity & Optics
PHYS 27200 Electric & Magnetic Interactions 

Credit Hours: