Build a technology-driven career by creating your own program, blending topics and hands-on projects with a focus on engineering technology.

Transdisciplinary Studies in Engineering Technology

Design a personalized plan of study in our new transdisciplinary studies in engineering technology major, blending fields like humanities and business with engineering technology-focused disciplines.

Featuring hands-on team-based projects, transdisciplinary studies in engineering technology will help you become a lifelong learner. It’s a program especially for the trailblazers, the challenge-seekers, the pioneers with an interest in engineering technology — the students who are independent minded, ambitious, creative, passionate, reflective, and inventive.

Transdisciplinary studies in engineering technology is an educational experience unlike any other because it combines individualized learning with close mentoring by faculty experts and a competency based curriculum which clearly defines each ability, skill, behavior, and body of knowledge that you’ll master.

Employers today have many positions with job titles that didn’t exist only a few years ago. This major provides you with broad technical competence and the abilities to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing world.

This is one of two competency-based degrees offered by the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.

Special features

  • In each semester’s Design Lab and Seminar learning environments, you will learn discipline-specific theory and how to apply it to real-world problems.
  • It’s a student-centered culture called “competency-based education” focuses more on “show us what you can do with what you know” and less on memorization.
  • You will create an electronic portfolio which documents your abilities and mastery of subjects – which you may choose to share with potential employers.

What can I do?

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What to expect in Transdisciplinary Studies in Engineering Technology

What it's like to be a TECHIE!

The Polytechnic learning environment

Our learning experience is designed to produce graduates who not only have deep knowledge, applied skills, and experiences in their chosen discipline, but also problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills sought by industries and communities.

About the school/department

The Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation tackles the global challenge of preparing leaders for the 21st century. With a focus on technology-driven careers, the degree programs allow students to lead the development of high-tech solutions. Research projects also focus on improving current processes and practices.

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