Our first priority is the success of students who would like to switch their major (CODO) to Transdisciplinary Studies in Technology. We are limited as to the number of applicants we accept, so CODOs are accepted as space is available. 

The Transdisciplinary Studies program is competency-based, and as such there is no grade point average requirement to CODO into the program. Students must satisfy proficiency requirements in eight broad competencies, and document this proficiency in a portfolio. Before attempting to CODO, students should contact the Transdisciplinary Studies academic advisor for a copy of the competency requirements for graduation and direction on portfolio creation. 

  • Students are required to enroll in the ePortfolio I course (PTEC 20700) prior to admission into the program. 
  • The assessment of the portfolio will determine placement in the Transdisciplinary Studies required course sequence. 

Transdisciplinary Studies accepts CODO requests at any time during the fall, spring and summer semesters.