Letter from the Department Head

Pat Connolly
Department Head

Computer Graphics Technology is a unique program that prepares students to be
practitioners and managers of a wide variety of computer graphics-related jobs. We are very
proud of our program and the opportunity it provides our graduates in the exciting field of
computer graphics. Computer graphics is used in some form by nearly every industry in the
world, which is one reason our graduates get placed in well-paying jobs. Typical job titles
include CAD specialist, computer animator, technical illustrator, multimedia developer, web
developer, computer game developer, graphic designer, and many other computer graphics-
related jobs.

Our program will prepare you for lifelong opportunities and to be the leaders in the field of
computer graphics. The Department of Computer Graphics Technology is constantly adding
new technologies so that we can prepare our students with a current and relevant educational
experience in applied computer graphics. The opportunities in computer graphics seem to
grow every day. Computer graphics-related jobs are among the top eight professions that will
experience growth over the next 10 years with an estimated 20% or greater growth every year.

Our web pages contain a wealth of information about our department, the curricula,our
courses, schedules,CGT faculty members,the CGT graduate program, and our students. In
addition there is information about placement, computer graphics, and links to related web
sites. Take time to surf our web pages to become more familiar with the department and to
learn more about computer graphics as a profession. You may want to bookmark this site
because we are continually updating the information and adding new features.