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The faculty, staff and students of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute strive to embrace the connection of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and thoughts as we develop an environment that helps each of us achieve our most creative and innovative ideas and solutions. We dedicate ourselves to the hard work that must be done to improve and expand our equitable and inclusive practices as we make the Polytechnic Institute a college where everyone feels welcomed and respected, and as we build a community where excellence and achievement are attainable by all.

Pursuing Racial Justice Together 

This Purdue University series tackles hard questions and sets the stage for the hard work that needs to be done. At 9:00am (Eastern) on the morning after each event in the series, the Polytechnic holds a Coffee & Conversations meeting for all faculty, students and staff who would like to discuss what they learned as we all move forward together in this journey.

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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Advocacy at Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Faculty and staff within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute have volunteered to help improve inclusion, diversity, equity and advocacy in our college.

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Gary BertolineDean Bertoline's Blog

 Dean Gary Bertoline's blog posts often include his thoughts on diversity, equity, inclusion, and related current events.