The TechConnect portal has been developed to be used as a mechanism for our stakeholders (Partners, students, faculty) to engage with the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.  Partners can post ideas and requests for capstones and internships, students can review capstone projects and sort through internship and employment opportunities, and faculty can review Partner capstone and internship submissions, have dialogue with the submitting partner, and incorporate the opportunity into their classes.


Best Way to Engage

Contact the Office of Engagement (765-494-4935) or one of the Directors of Industry Engagement directly.  We would like to listen to and fulfill your business needs.  Whether you need to participate in an established program or need a one-off solution for creating a workforce pipeline to your company, we are here to assist you. 


How capstones work in general

A Capstone project is a semester or academic year long project (depending on Department) that challenges students in real-world problems of significance that require a synthesis and application of knowledge acquired through their plans of study. 

The preferred way for project submission is for a company to create an account on the TechConnect portal and enter a new project under the Capstone icon.  Companies will enter a brief description of the project and its expected impact as well as designate which department you think such a project would be addressed.  Once submitted, a project is reviewed by the faculty member and a dialogue between the faculty member and the company sponsor will commence.  The faculty members are responsible to appropriately scope the project to meet the academic rigor expected of the students.  Once a faculty member “accepts” the project, it means the project has been scoped and ready for students to review and select projects they wish to work on.

An alternative way to submit a project is to complete the attached questionnaire and send it to Mike Reckowsky, Director of Industry Engagement or directly to the appropriate faculty member if known. 

The students prioritize projects based on interest before teams are created and a project is assigned to them.  The students will then collaborate with the faculty member running the project, the assigned mentor and the company until the project is completed.  The students are in charge of the project, to show leadership and competence in their field of study. 


How internships work in general

An internship is a structured and supervised experiential learning that provides students practical experience in their chosen field. It encompasses exploration, skill development, career experience, and networking.  A company can submit an internship  directly to one of the Directors of Industry Engagement, submit it through the portal, or directly to Center for Career Opportunities (CCO).  If sent to CCO, please send a copy to the engagement email so we way pass it to the applicable academic counselors for their awareness and searching for students.  To apply for an internship, the student will either do this through CCO or through the company’s website or other HR system.

Timeframe:  Most internships occur over the summer months.  Industry partners and students may want to consider an "in-semester" internship as well.  This is where a student will be with the company during the summer but also during the previous spring or following fall semester.


Difference between capstones & internships

A capstone is a project that challenges a group of senior students to apply their accumulated knowledge to a particular problem related to their major, with the guidance of a faculty mentor.  An internship is an applied learning experience that can occur throughout a student’s academic career.  Think of an intern as a short-term employee.  


How to look for or post Full-time opportunities

The Office of Engagement can assist in a variety of ways as our partners look for full time employees.  We will assist when engaging with the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) and also utilize other Polytechnic resources to help you find your future workforce. 


How Workforce Education Works in general

At times, employers can recognize that limitations exist with their workforce, and wish to provide educational opportunities that would benefit the company and participating members of its workforce.  The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is in a unique situation to assist in providing educational opportunities around the state of Indiana, making it easier for employees to earn college credit that would apply to an Associate's or Bachelor’s of Science degree.  These programs can be very general or very unique depending on the needs of the company.  Contact the Office of Engagement to explore these opportunities.


When research is appropriate, and steps to take in general

A directed or sponsored research project is appropriate when an industry partner has a project that requires success or is addressing a critical company function.  A second reason for sponsoring research is if there is an expected outcome to include intellectual property.  If an industry partner wishes to sponsor research at the Polytechnic, they can contact the faculty directly or contact one of the Directors of Industry Engagement who will direct you to the appropriate faculty member and get the contract process started.


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