Discovery Learning Research Lab

A learning experience which engages students fully in the work at hand. Meeting often in an active learning room -- that is, an open, reconfigurable lab or studio space -- is key to this learning experience. The Design Lab and Seminar courses meet in room 104 at the Hall for Discovery and Learning Research (DLR, in Purdue's Discovery Park at the corner of S. Martin Jischke Dr. and Harrison St., in the southwest part of our West Lafayette campus).

Students interact frequently and directly with other students, and each instructor serves more as the "guide on the side" than as a "sage on the stage." The Discovery Learning Research Lab includes movable furniture, ample storage, and mobile technology, allowing it to be reconfigured daily or even hourly. It is equipped to handle the specific small-team hands-on projects which are among the hallmarks of Polytechnic programs.

Facility Location Faculty Contact Courses Taught in This Facility
DLR 104 Davin Huston -