Purdue Polytechnic Facilities Update

Dear Fellow Boilermaker:

We hope your semester is going well!  As you may have heard, there are some changes coming with respect to our Purdue Polytechnic Statewide program.  And, we just wanted to drop you a note to explain some of these exciting changes.  The Polytechnic’s multiple locations across Indiana are an integral part of Purdue University.  This designation has always been – and will continue to be – the case.  This is truly an exciting time to be a Purdue Polytechnic Statewide student because, no matter where in Indiana you study and take your courses, you are a Boilermaker!  More on the changes below…

What is changing about Polytechnic:

Several Statewide Purdue Polytechnic locations are transitioning to an all-Purdue learning experience.  This is already the case for some locations, but after July 1, Purdue University will deliver all coursework for all Polytechnic Statewide locations.  (You will still be able to take courses from other universities if desired, but Purdue will teach every course required for your degree.)

What the Polytechnic will continue to do:

  • No matter where you take your Purdue classes, you will continue to receive instruction from Purdue faculty, who are credentialed through main campus (West Lafayette) processes.
  • Your Purdue-trained advisors and support staff will continue to guide you along your path to completion of your Purdue degree and career opportunities.
  • Classroom and lab facilities will continue to be aligned with the Purdue Polytechnic facilities across Indiana, and will be upgraded to meet those standards, if necessary.
  • All Purdue courses, along with the Purdue Cornerstone Certificate, will continue to align your degree requirements with those of Purdue’s main campus.

What the Polytechnic is not doing:

  • Polytechnic locations are not closing.
  • Polytechnic locations are not being transformed into Purdue Global.
  • Polytechnic locations are not transitioning to fully online programs.

If you have any questions at all about what we are doing and how it will impact you and your program, don’t hesitate to meet with your local Purdue team.  Your director, student affairs administrators and faculty will be happy to answer your questions.

The transformation of the Polytechnic Institute, its curricula and instructional methodologies have brought positive, worldwide attention to the Polytechnic’s degree programs, our students and our graduates.  You chose to pursue a Purdue University degree at the Polytechnic Institute because you knew that your hard work, your major and Purdue’s reputation will lead you to the career of your choice.  As a Purdue Polytechnic Statewide student, you are receiving the unmatched quality of a Purdue education; and we are confident these changes will even better prepare you for the career of your choice.


Boiler Up!

Jay Akridge                                                    
Provost and Executive Vice President

Gary Bertoline​
Dean and Distinguished Professor


Polytechnic-IU FAQs

Q Why is the Polytechnic separating from IU campuses?

A There are many ways that separating from IU campuses will benefit Polytechnic students, including:

  • A new tuition and fee structure that will feature costs lower than IU’s current regional campus tuition and fees.
  • New classrooms, which have been designed especially for the Polytechnic’s hands-on curriculum.
  • A single, streamlined class registration process.
  • All classes at a single location or available online.
  • Following a single scholastic calendar.
  • The opportunity for all Polytechnic students, regardless of location, to pursue the Purdue Cornerstone Certificate.
  • The opportunity for all Polytechnic students, regardless of location, to integrate the humanities and learning-in-context techniques into their classes.


Q What Polytechnic locations does the separation affect?

A Purdue Polytechnic locations in Kokomo, Richmond and South Bend will relocate to new facilities that will be designed and equipped for the college’s hands-on, lab-intensive approach to learning. Students enrolled in the Polytechnic’s Columbus and New Albany locations have already benefited from their moves to new facilities.


Q I’ve heard that tuition and fees will decrease when Purdue separates from IU; is that true?

A Yes! Purdue Polytechnic’s locations outside of West Lafayette will implement a Purdue-approved tuition and fee structure, featuring lower costs to students than IU’s current regional campus tuition and fees.


Q How much will classes cost at Purdue Polytechnic locations?

A Beginning fall 2020, Polytechnic locations in Anderson, Columbus, Kokomo, Lafayette, New Albany, Richmond and South Bend will implement a common, Purdue-approved fee structure. For example, a student taking five 3-credit courses (15 credits total) will pay $3,492 (tuition plus a technology fee). Some courses will also have an additional lab fee.


Q What other fees should students expect?
A Some courses have a laboratory fee of $70.85 to cover the cost of materials. There are no parking fees and no extra fees for distance education courses.


Q Where will Polytechnic students purchase textbooks?

A Students may purchase textbooks online from Follett’s, Amazon, or any online source that offers the best price.


Q Will Polytechnic students be allowed to take elective classes on IU’s regional campuses? Will IU students be allowed to take elective classes at Polytechnic locations?

A Yes. If an elective course is not available at their own location, Polytechnic students may take that course at an IU regional campus. Likewise, IU students are welcome to take elective courses at a Polytechnic campus. Students will apply to the neighboring institution as a non-degree student, pay separately for that course, and then transfer the credit back to their home campus.

Good to know: All courses that are required for graduation with a Purdue degree will be offered at Polytechnic locations.