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Please seek assistance through the following contacts:
Christy Snip, (812) 206-8381 (student questions, issues)
Dani Reynolds, (812) 206-8396 (student questions, issues)
Trina Ruby, (812) 206-8379 (scheduling & purchasing)
Paul Hagmann, (812) 206-8384 (Lab manager)
Joe Dues, (812) 206-8390 (Director)

Professional Practice Internship

There are three types of internships recognized in the CGT department, one not for credit, one for credit taken as TECH 39699 (replaces CGT30900), and one for possible credit taken through other departments.


If you are interested in doing an internship, the first step to take is to download and read the CGT Internship Program Manual.

CGT Internship Coordinator: Associate Professor Richard Kopp
Telephone: 812-206-8385


CGT Internship Program Manual (PDF file)
CGT 30900 Internship Request Form (Word file)
Sample Completed Internship Request Form (Word file)
CGT 30900 Internship Verification of Hours and Evaluation Form (Word file)
Sample Completed Internship Verification of Hours and Evaluation Form (Word file)