Plan of Study

PLEASE NOTE: The Plan of Study on this page is presented for general information only. For exact personal plans of study, each student must see his or her academic advisor. Plans of study may change often, while the plan of study received upon entry remains the same for that entering student.

This sample plan of study is effective as of fall 2014

Semester 1

Number Name CR
OLS 27400 Applied Leadership 3
SPCH S1210 Public Speaking 3
Selective Math Foundation Selective 5
ENG W1310 English Composition (IUS) 3
TECH 12000 Technology And The Individual General Education Elective (IUS) 3

Semester 2

OLS 25200 Human Relations In Organizations 3
OLS 28400 Leadership Principles 3
CSCI C1060 Introduction to Computers and Their Use 3
Selective Science Foundation Selective 3
Selective Humanities Foundation Selective 3

Semester 3

OLS 38600 Leadership And Organizational Change 3
OLS 38800 Leadership Through Teams 3
ECON E1010 Survey Of Current Economic Issues And Problems 3
Selective PSY or SOC Selective 3

Semester 4

OLS 34600 Critical Thinking And Ethics 3
OLS 37600 Human Resource Issues 3
IT 23000 Industrial Supply Chain Management 3
Elective Technical Elective 3
Selective Lab Science Foundation Selective 3

Semester 5

MATH K3000 Statistical Techniques 3
OLS 47700 Conflict Management 3
Selective Professional Specialization Selective 3
ENGL 42100 Technical Writing 3
TECH 32000 Technology And The Organization 3

Semester 6

OLS 48400 Leadership Strategies For Quality And Productivity 3
Selective Technical Selective 3
Selective Communication Selective 3
BUS A2010 Introduction To Financial Accounting 3
TECH 33000 Technology And The Global Society 3

Semester 7

Selective OLS Experiential Requirement 3
BUS A2020 Introduction To Managerial Accounting 3
OLS 45000 Project Management For Organizational And Human Resource Development 3
Selective IT or MGMT Selective 3
Elective Technical Elective 3

Semester 8

Selective ENGL Selective 3
Selective Professional Specialization Selective 3
Elective Free Elective 1
Elective Technical Elective 3
Elective Technical Elective 3