3-D printer

In the News: new tool gives structural strength to 3-D printed works

Objects created using 3-D printing have a common flaw: They are fragile and often fall apart or lose their shape.

“I have an entire zoo of broken 3-D printed objects in my office,” said Bedrich Benes, associate professor of computer graphics technology at Purdue University.

The printed fabrications often fail at points of high stress.

3-D printers offer new manufacturing options

Henry Zhang’s Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory (MDL) is home to the state’s largest self-built 3-D printer. In fact, it was used to create many of its own pieces.

A 3-D printer is one of the necessities for additive manufacturing. It gives manufacturers the flexibility to produce parts with complicated features and with a lot less expense than casting a part. It is also a convenient way to make a prototype, directly converting a CAD 3-D-modeled design. It has many applications in future manufacturing industry.

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