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Purdue plans high-tech Indianapolis charter high school

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana governor, has a problem: not enough Indianapolis Public Schools students graduate with the skills to thrive at his school.

His solution? Open a charter school in Indianapolis that can serve as a direct pipeline delivering more well-qualified IPS students to the West Lafayette university.

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Security expert says deleted email could be recovered

Email messages that you delete might not really be gone forever, according to Marcus Rogers, interim head of the Department of Computer and Information Technology and director of Purdue’s Cyber Forensics and Security Program. The messages that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deleted might still be recoverable, Rogers said, if the storage media in the server on which they were stored hasn't been wiped.

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Careers take flight at the Hangar of the Future

The Big Ten Network's LiveBIG blog this week features a story on the Hangar of the Future in the College of Technology. The Hangar of the Future offers students a chance to develop electronic and digital solutions to improve maintenance and safety procedures of cutting-edge aircraft. The initiative is led by Tim Ropp, clinical associate professor of aviation technology.