JROTC Black and Gold Drill Meet

Stand by for Award and Recognition


The mission of Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) is to motivate young adults to become better American citizens.  It teaches patriotism, physical fitness and close order drill.  Drill instills confidence in small unit leaders, teamwork, instant obedience to orders, and discipline.  To nurture this development, Purdue University Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) invites you to the annual Black and Gold Drill Competition on 7 December 2019.      

Purdue University NROTC cadre will evaluate (7) events on execution of movements, uniform appearance, teamwork, discipline and creativity. An additional physical fitness event will be added this year, with details outlined in the Letter of Instruction distributed to the participating schools.  Upon completion of all events, the top 3 will be announced and recognized with an event trophy or medal. Trophies will be awarded for the following:  Overall top three schools, top three schools per event, and individual awards for the Individual Drill Round (IDR) knockout. IDR will be conducted upon the completion of all team events and is strictly an individual event; it will not be factored into the overall school score.

Currently working on plans for the 2019 Black and Gold Drill Meet. Frequently visit this website for the latest information on the event. If there are any further inquires, please contact the Purdue Assistant Marine Officer Instructor at 765-494-2065 or purdueamoi@purdue.edu