European Alliance Summer Program in Sustainability in Ireland

European Alliance Summer Program in Sustainability in Ireland

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During the course of two weeks, the Alliance Summer Program is offering you the chance to develop your creative thinking, to be a specialist in your field of research and perform under real life working conditions. Among other things, you will meet students and teachers from all over the world, work across multidisciplinary fields and acquire useful experience in preparation for the
future. Which will also be a good addition to your CV!

Technical University of Dublin (TUDublin) is organizing the Alliance summer program in collaboration with its alliance partner universities. 

The purpose of the summer program is to bring together students from the 5 universities, allocate them in multi-discipline, multi-cultural work teams, and to immerse them in a 2-week project-based learning experience.

Objectives include, but are not limited to:
1. Collaborate with faculty from strategic partner universities to provide team-facilitated, projects-based learning.
2. Provide the environment for students from the participating universities to gain experience in working with multi-cultural, multi-discipline work teams.
3. Provide students with "messy, sticky, and wicked" real-world problems and challenges with which they can engage, explore, and create real-world solutions.
4. Collaborate with participating faculty to create a body of knowledge on how to create and execute a learning environment designed to ensure optimal learning experiences.
5. Provide students with the opportunity to present their projects and findings at the international EU Alliance conference to be held at the end of the 2-week period.
6. Create an interdisciplinary learning experience, for and from Purdue students and Strategic Partner universities' students. 


Preliminary Itinerary

Sunday, May 24th

          Travel to Dublin

Monday, May 25th

          Orientation to Program

          Team Assignment

          Introductory Lectures – Sponsoring EU Alliance Faculty

Tuesday, May 26th

          Projects Work

Wednesday, May 27th

          Projects Work

Thursday, May 28th

           Projects Work & Site Visits

Friday, May 29th

           Projects Work

Saturday, May 30th

           Host University sponsored Cultural Excursion

Sunday, May 31st

            Student Exploration of Dublin

Monday, June 1st

            Projects Work

Tuesday, June 2nd

            Projects Wrap-Up and Rehearsal

Wednesday, June 3rd

            All participants attend EU Alliance Conference

Thursday, June 4th

            Student Team Presentations at EU Alliance Conference

Friday, June 5th

             Faculty Feedback and Program Debrief with Students

Saturday, June 6th

              Return travel to U.S.


Cost is approximately $1,250 plus the flight. 


Contact program leader Kirk Alter via email with your questions. 

Program flyer

Department Location Duration Professor
Aviation and Transportation Technology
Computer and Information Technology
Computer Graphics Technology
Construction Management Technology
Engineering Technology
Technology Leadership & Innovation
Ireland Maymester/Summer