European Aviation: Past, Present, Future

European Aviation: Past, Present, Future

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The program will primarily visit the United Kingdom, France, and Germany with optional side trips to Andorra, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.  In order to promote openness, curiosity, and mentorship, this program is limited to 20 students.

Emphasis will be placed on aviation related sites such as museums, aviation manufacturing and repair facilities, airports, flight testing, and research institutions.  This program will also tour the Airbus aircraft factory in Toulouse, France.  Also, other important sites related to European and human history such as the Dachau concentration camp outside Munich and preserved historical villages will be visited.  We will also take city tours in London, Paris, Toulouse, and Munich.

In addition to visiting different countries and site within Europe, we will collaborate with students and faculty from the Munich University of Applied Science (MuAS) in Munich, Germany.

Prior to traveling, the students will enroll in 3 credits AT 452 during the 2nd 8-week module of the Spring 2019 semester.  AT 452 is a preparation course for students participating in study abroad programs with the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology.  During this once a week, 2-hour meeting, students will learn about: navigating foreign cities, customs of the countries they will visit, safety, listen to guest lectures given by international students, and important historical background of the sites they will visit.

During the program, students will enroll in 4 credits of AT 453.  AT 453 is the globalization course for students participating in study abroad programs with the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology.  Assessment of this 4 credit hour program focuses on a written group document and presentation on the final day of the trip as well as an individual trip log, written assignments, and reflective portfolio.

This program will be open to all Purdue students. First priority will be students from the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology (SATT) in the Aviation Management, Airport Management and Operations, Airline Management and Operations, Aerospace Financial Analysis, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Aeronautical Engineering Technology majors.

International students are welcome.  However, they are responsible for coordination of visas within the Schengen Zone and United Kingdom.

Approximate cost before any scholarships is $4,500.  US citizens are eligible for up to $1,500 in scholarships.


Preliminary Itinerary

Saturday, May 25

          Travel to London

Sunday, May 26

          London City Tour, open afternoon

Monday, May 27


Tuesday, May 28

         Cultural Exploration Day

Wednesday, May 29

          Eurostar Paris, afternoon tour

Thursday, May 30

         Le Bourget aviation, open afternoon 

Friday, May 31

          Cultural Exploration Day

Saturday, June 1

          TGV Train to Toulouse

Sunday, June 2

          Cultural Exploration Day, Andorra

Monday, June 3

          Airbus in morning, fly to Munich

Tuesday, June 4

          3 hour free walking tour, Dachau, afternoon

Wednesday, June 5

          Castle/cable car

Thursday, June 6

          MUAS full day

Friday, June 7

          Cultural Exploration Day

Saturday, June 8

          Travel to U.S. 


Contact program leader Brian Kozak via email with your questions.

Program flyer 

Department Location Duration Professor
Aviation and Transportation Technology England, Germany, France Maymester Brian Kozak