Global Leadership in Design & Innovation in Sweden

Global Leadership in Design & Innovation in Sweden

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Innovation capacity continues to be a national concern as U.S. competitiveness and prosperity in a global economy depends on developing and maintaining competitive industries and strong innovation-capable workforce. Consequently, the National Academy of Engineering’s (2015) Educate to Innovate report states “innovative thinking should be an expectation of the university community and all students should be exposed to it early in their university experience, through a variety of educational formats and delivery methods.” In a response to these demands, the Global Leadership in Design & Innovation study abroad program has been developed to provide undergraduate and graduate students in the Purdue Polytechnic, specifically those within the Department
of Technology Leadership & Innovation, an immersive cultural experience within a nation consistently ranked as leader in innovation.

The study abroad program will be located in Stockholm, Sweden and consist of a 3-credit course focused on building global perspectives critical for innovation success in design and education. Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Nicknamed the "Venice of the North," Stockholm is located upon 14 islands between two waters, Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. Stockholm was founded in 1252 and is an extraordinary city with a unique composure of old and new. This study abroad program has also been designed to be of distinct interest to students majoring in Engineering/Technology Teacher Education, as Sweden is often referred to as one of the origins of K-12 technology education.

The study abroad program will be offered during Maymester (May 13 – 26) and will include experiences at the Nobel Prize Museum Cultures of Creativity Exhibit and Banquet Hall, the National Museum of Science and Technology’s interactive exhibition of the top 100 innovations, industries leading in innovation, activities in K-12 design/technology classrooms, and multidisciplinary forums in
innovative thinking at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. KTH is the largest and oldest institution for engineering education and technical research in Sweden with roots going back to the beginning of the 19th century. The academic program covers a wide spectrum of subjects from natural sciences to all areas of technology for about 14,500 students.

The Global Leadership in Design & Innovation course focuses on the rich history of Swedish design and innovation. Students will specifically examine the ways in which the Swedish culture fosters innovation through technology education/training. Students will interact with primary and secondary schools and other engineering/technology education majors at KTH to develop a global perspective on fostering creativity in classrooms. Additionally, students will explore historical Viking establishments and investigate the ways in which these early Scandinavian settlements
advanced through technological development.


Preliminary Itinerary

Monday, May 13th

          West Lafayette campus class time: Design Thinking Globally, Course Assignments

Tuesday, May 14th

          West Lafayette campus class time: Swedish Culture of Innovation, Swedish Design

Wednesday, May 15th

          Travel to Stockholm

Thursday, May 16th

          Arrive in Stockholm

          Walking tour of Gamla Stan

Friday, May 17th

          Visit KTH University: meet with students, tour campus

          Visit House of Science: Innovative Experiments

Saturday, May 18th

          Travel to Gotland: Viking Exploration, Evolution of Technology

Sunday, May 19th

          Travel to Stockholm: Assignment Review

          Swedish Design

          Bus Tour

Monday, May 20th

          Tom Tit's Science Center: Private Tour, Project Development

          Scania: Industry, High School

Tuesday, May 21st

          Primary School Visits: Sloyd, Technology Education

Wednesday, May 22nd

          Tekniska Museum: 100 Greatest Innovations, Swedish Sloyd, Christopher Polhem

Thursday, May 23rd

          Vasa Museum

          Nordiska Museum

          Gruna Land

Friday, May 24th

          KTH Student Presentations

Saturday, May 25th

          Nobel Museum

          Cultures of Creativity 60 minute Guided Tour

          Lunch at the Bistro Nobel

Sunday, May 26th

          Travel to U.S.


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Technology Leadership & Innovation Sweden Maymester Greg Strimel