Open Estudio 2020: Interactive Art and 3D Animation in Medellin, Colombia

Open Estudio 2020: Interactive Art and 3D Animation in Medellin, Colombia

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Dates: July 1-29, 2020 

6 credits

  • CGT 218 for undergrad students
  • CGT 698 for grad students


This interdisciplinary course invites students to reflect on global culture, location society while simultaneously learning practical knowledge in interactive visualization, sensors, 3D modeling and animation. The class integrates field trips, brainstorming sessions and technical training to create context-based interactive applications. 


Preliminary Itinerary

Weeks 1-2

          AM: Interactive graphics (programming), lecture and exercises

          PM: 3D Animation, lecture and exercises


          Field Trips

Weeks 3-4

          AM: Interactive graphics (programming), Studio project development

          PM: 3D Animation, Studio project development

          Exhibition at end of program



Estimated cost: $2,970 including the flight. 

Contact program leader Esteban Garcia Bravo via email with your questions. 

Program flyer

“Perspective is an interesting thing; it’s something that shifts our focus from one matter to another, and has the ability to change our attitude. The weight of this word and the importance of experiencing diversity in a new culture, environment, or interaction revealed how different the world can be. This study abroad gave me something more valuable than just memories, it illuminated a new perspective on how the world could be and how I could grow in a way that could help nurture those differences and unique qualities it had showed me.” Cass Balciunas, CGT graduate student


Department Location Duration Professor
Computer Graphics Technology Colombia Maymester/Summer Esteban Garcia Bravo