Sustainable Energy Technologies; An International Perspective in Germany

Sustainable Energy Technologies; An International Perspective in Germany

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Learn how the Germans lead the world in the practice of sustainable energy while being introduced to the various technologies that are used including wind, hydro, nuclear, hydrogen, bio, and solar. This trip is in its 13th year of acclaimed success and offers a great mix of classroom instruction with field trips to energy related industries and culturally enlightening sites. Study with other students from countries such as Russia, China, Finland, Mexico, or India as well as German students while living in a classic medieval German village. This trip will be one of the top 5 things you remember ten years after college and it will never be more affordable.  

This two-week, interdisciplinary program includes lectures and demonstrations on various energy technologies; presentations on European and German history, geography, and culture; industrial tours; and sightseeing excursions to Berlin and Hamburg.   Our hosts are faculty at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbuettel, Germany (near Braunschweig).  This course should be of interest to students in various majors, especially engineering and technology.  

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will earn three credits of ECET 49900.


Preliminary Itinerary

Sunday, May 5th

          Travel to Germany

Monday, May 6th

          Guided city tour of Wolfenbuettel

          Welcome Dinner, Forsthaus

Tuesday, May 7th

          Class time: Geography, History and Economy

          Class time: Wind Energy


          Class time: Wind Energy

          Visit Wind Farm, Dardesheim

Wednesday, May 8th

          Class time: Geography, History and Economy

          Class time: Photovoltaics


          Class time: Photovoltaics

          Class time: Resource Efficiency in Production

          Free time in evening

Thursday, May 9th

          Visit Klimahaus, Bremerhaven

          City tour of Bremen

Friday, May 10th

          Class time: Hydropower

          Class time: Renewable Energy in Germany/The EEG


          Visit Bioenergy Village, Juehnde

          BBQ Party

Saturday, May 11th

          Class time: Finiteness of Fossil Fuels

          Examination Part 1

          Free time

Sunday, May 12th

          Individual student trip to Berlin

Monday, May 13th

          Class time: Fuel Cells - Basics

          Class time: Climate Change and Energy Storage


          Class time: Energy Renovation of Buildings

          Visit Solvis Solar Energy Technology, Braunschweig

Tuesday, May 14th

          Factory Tour Airbus, Hamburg

Wednesday, May 15th

          Class time: Solar Age Survival


          Free time

          Visit Old Silver Mine Rammelsberg, Goslar

Thursday, May 16th

          Class time: Energy Efficiency of Electrical Drives


          Class time: Geography, History and Economy

          Factory tour Volkswagen Autostadt, Wolfsburg

Friday, May 17th

          Free time

          Examination Part 2

          Lunch at Park Hotel

          Free time

          Farewell Party

Saturday, May 18th

          Travel to U.S.


Contact program leader Tami Lynch via email with your questions. 

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Engineering Technology Germany Maymester Tami Lynch