UML & Mobile Application Development in Peru

UML & Mobile Application Development in Peru

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Dates: May 10-24, 2020

3 credits: CNIT 399


The program is located in Peru, at the Arequipa campus of TECSUP.

The purpose of the program is to present students with an international perspective of networking, digital manufacturing and software development.  In the 9 day academic portion of this class, you will participate with Peruvian students in three workshops.

First you will learn forensic analysis in networking. Next, you will study 3D design and printing in FABLAB, and finally you will explore cloud computing in software design.  Purdue and TECSUP students will work together collaboratively in teams, they will benefit from international aspects of learning and receive a more global perspective of information technology and its use throughout the world.  The course will consist of approximately 9 days of academic classroom instruction, 6 hours each day for a total of about 54 total classroom hours. 

At least one pre-departure meeting will be scheduled at Purdue. The course also contains a cultural component after the conclusion of the academic portion. This program offer participating students three (3) upper-division elective credits which may be used in all CIT plans of study.

This program will focus on three (3) key intercultural effectiveness skills: curiosity, openness and intercultural empathy.  A proficiency goal of 80% of the participating students attaining at least a Level 2 (Emerging) competency as measured by various assessment mechanisms before, during and after the program.  Purdue students will be paired in teams with local students and work together on a team project.  At the conclusion of the academic program, the group will fly from Arequipa to Cusco and visit Machu Picchu. There will be a post-program, guided reflection on the in-country intercultural learning process.


Preliminary Itinerary

Sunday, May 10th

          Travel to Arequipa, Peru

Monday, May 11th

          Class time

Tuesday, May 12th

          Class time

Wednesday, May 13th

          Class time

Thursday, May 14th

          Class time

Friday, May 15th

          Project Instruction

Saturday, May 16th

          Arequipa Cultural Activities

Sunday, May 17th

          Free day

Monday, May 18th

          Project Instruction

          Build Project

Tuesday, May 19th

          Build Project

Wednesday, May 20th

          Build Project

Thursday, May 21st

          Build Project

          Presentation & Program Wrap Up

Friday, May 22nd

          Fly to Cusco

          Cusco City Tour

Saturday, May 23rd

          Aguas Calientes

          Machu Picchu

          Return to Cusco for overnight

Sunday, May 24th

          Travel to United States from Cusco


Contact program leader Victor Barlow via email with your questions.

Program flyer

Department Location Duration Professor
Computer and Information Technology Peru Maymester/Summer Victor Barlow