Women in Technology Study Abroad in South America

Women in Technology: How Gender Stereotypes Affect Women in STEM Abroad

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Dates: May 10-24, 2020

3 credits: TECH 399


Deadline is February 15 including $500 deposit and secondary application. 


We will connect with partner universities in Peru and Colombia that have Women in Technology student group equivalencies for a 14 day program, spending one week in each country. Programming will revolve around women's roles in STEM in each country and gain a cultural immersion experience. One of the learning outcome goals is for students to gain an understanding of intercultural communication and gender differences to ready students for a global workforce and international assignments.  

We will utilize the Purdue alumni network in South America to recruit speakers for our groups (host partner and Purdue) and to organize site visits to showcase women in technology positions in Latin America. 

Students will work collaboratively to compare issues related to being a minority in a STEM field to leverage solutions that best lift either group in challenging situations. 


Preliminary Itinerary

Sunday, May 10th

          Travel to Barranquilla, Colombia

Monday, May 11th – Friday, May 15th

          Meet, discuss, and participate in activities with Uni Norte University representatives and students

          Alumni and Industry visits

          Cultural experiences

Saturday, May 16th

          Cultural day trip to Cartagena, Colombia

Sunday, May 17th

          Travel to Lima, Peru

Monday, May 18th – Thursday, May 21st

          Meet, discuss, and participate in activities with UTEC representatives and students

          Alumni and Industry visits

          Cultural experiences

Friday, May 22nd – Saturday, May 23rd

          Cultural experiences in and around the city of Lima 

Sunday, May 24th

          Travel to United States


Contact program leader Toni Munguia via email with your questions.

Program Flyer 

Department Location Duration Professor
Aviation and Transportation Technology
Computer and Information Technology
Computer Graphics Technology
Construction Management Technology
Engineering Technology
Technology Leadership & Innovation
Peru Maymester/Summer Antonia (Toni) Munguia