What We Do


Our office collaborates with college faculty and staff in order to offer services that include:

  • Strategic, integrated marketing communications for print, Web, as well as new media
  • Publication coordination and production
  • Writing and editing services
  • Marketing and media consulting
  • News and media relations (through University News Services)
  • Photo and video services (in house and through local vendors)
  • Printing and mailing services (through Marketing and Media)
  • Social media

Marketing Communications Plans

The communications office can both develop and help you implement a research-driven, results-oriented marketing plan that produces the outcomes you need with the budget you have available. What's more, we can help you integrate your plan with other ongoing communications efforts at the college. Doing this will help to maximize your project's impact as well as control costs.


Want to create a new publication or need help with an existing one? We can help you produce your next brochure or printed piece from conceptualization to delivery. Whether you need a brochure, booklet, poster, postcard, invitation, newsletter, magazine or other print piece, contact us—we can help.We will visually communicate your message to your target audience using our design skills, consistent design standards and professional photography. We will initially provide consultation to ensure that a printed publication is the best format in order to meet your needs and the goals of the college strategic plan.

Publications Project Process

  • Initial Meeting: Complete the project request form or contact the director of communications about your needs and what you are trying to accomplish. If it is agreed that a publication needs to be created or updated, the director will assign the project to a project manager for a more detailed meeting to discuss goals, messaging, audience, budget, design concepts, text and image needs, schedule as well as delivery. Please note that the project should be initiated at least eight weeks in advance of delivery.
  • Writing: The senior editor will provide copy writing support based on your project needs.
  • Editing: If you provide your own copy, the senior editor will offer creative assistance to ensure the text aligns with marketing goals, branding and the college strategic plan.
  • Design: The project manager will work with Purdue Marketing & Media to give visual direction to the project and implement a design and printing schedule based on your approved budget. Marketing & Media will provide initial concepts and a number of proofs for your approval.
  • Production: When the design is approved, the files will be sent to the printer for production.
  • Delivery of Final Product: The printed publication will be delivered to you from the vendor.

Writing and Editing

When you are working on a publication, you can submit your own copy or we will provide writing services. In order to write copy for your publication, we will ask for background information and the areas of information you would like to be covered. In some cases, we will interview key persons to gather content.

We write and think about the Purdue Polytechnic Institute all day, every day. Because of this, no one is more qualified to develop and edit your copy than us. From writing for the Web to producing copy for a brochure or postcard, we can put the right words together for almost any portion of your next communications project, making certain that your target audience is reached and compelled to take action.

We also take care of the details. All copy produced by or in conjunction with the communications office is reviewed by a professional editor in order to ensure that all text is clear, consistent, grammatically correct and stylistically appropriate.   

Find some valuable writing resources through Purdue Marketing and Media.


We want to help the college faculty and staff make the most of online resources. At the same time, we are committed to maintaining the visual integrity and "brand" of the Purdue Polytechnic. To do this, we work with college departments to create dynamic, functional and attractive sites that meet Purdue policies for web content and standards.

We also have a variety of resources and training opportunities for faculty and staff to ensure our college Web presence is up-to-date, interactive, intuitive, consistent, and visually appealing.

Photography and Graphic Design

Our office coordinates graphic design and professional photography services to enhance your printed and online visual messages while adhering to the college’s and Purdue’s design standards. We can scan and/or edit images and clip art you provide or create a new design to suit your needs. We can meet basic photographic needs or enlist the services of on-campus photographers. We also can provide PowerPoint templates to assist in your presentations.

Media Training

  • Our office can provide assistance with maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the media, as well as assistance on preparing for interviews, writing op-eds, and pitching story ideas.
  • Purdue's Media Policy
  • Working with the Broadcast Media
  • Working with the National Media
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Register to Be a Purdue Expert or Speaker
  • Formalized training is occasionally offered through Purdue Marketing and Media “Working With the Media Workshop.” The workshop will unveil the mysteries behind publicity, including what makes news, PR tools, how to get your research publicized and how to deal with sensitive news.
  • Are you afraid of journalists? Never fear. Experts from the News Service will give you useful tips about making sure your interview is recorded accurately, the most effective way to shape your message and how to communicate the message you want to convey. Also included is an on-camera interview conducted by News Service staff so you can practice the skills you learned and be ready when your real-life interview takes place. What better way to spend half a day?

Press Releases

Your research and accomplishments can be newsworthy. Our office can assist you in gaining the media coverage you deserve. Any request for press releases should be directed through our office. We will provide the necessary information and contact details to University New Service so they can follow up with you for more details.

Social Media

We maintain the college's primary social media channels, posting content on a regular basis geared towards each channel's unique audiences and engaging with the people who interact with us. We meet regularly with key stakeholders throughout the college and around the University to plan and implement a social media strategy for our channels. When units within the college are considering how best to use social media, we can provide guidance on how to properly create and maintain new channels or to submit content for inclusion in the college-level channels. We follow these social media policies and disclaimers.

Getting Coverage for Student Honors and Scholarships

  • Information for Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • Student Hometown Form
  • We do request that any contact faculty and staff have with the media – or coverage you receive – be reported to our office so we can share that with the rest of the college and alumni and to ensure we maintain accurate records of press coverage.

Other Services We Provide

  • Strategic marketing and communications
  • Advertising
  • Video production