Community and Civic Engagement

Realizing the Digital Enterprise

This cross-cutting research area will highlight the impact and role of users’ and stakeholders’ engagement in sociotechnical systems. By establishing relationships with local partners and focusing working relationships with local community organizations, we aim to empower individuals to identify and solve local and regional issues, engage with diverse communities at multiple scales, and increase civic participation in our research in the short and long term.

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Current Projects

Brad and Alka Harriger

Alka Harriger, professor of computer and information technology, and Brad Harriger, professor of mechanical engineering technology, partnered with other faculty in the creation of professional development programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for middle school teachers and new research into the development of computational thinking among middle school students across three learning contexts.

Yubo Kou

Professionalization, the process of achieving widespread recognition and higher socioeconomic status for emerging occupations, used to take decades. Yubo Kou, a postdoctoral research associate in computer graphics technology, is researching how social media and online communities are changing the speed with which professionalization takes place.

open source

Sabine Brunswicker, associate professor of technology leadership & innovation, and her research team examine the structure and culture of open source communities to help them be more productive. The team analyzes millions of lines of code to find collaborative patterns, examines the stability of underlying code over time, models the evolution of a group’s code, and compares how its technology compares to other products.

Involved Faculty Expertise

  • Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Design
  • Social Factors
  • Manufacturing & Processes
  • STEM Education Research
  • User Experience

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