Current Projects

Realizing the Digital Enterprise 

Solving problems of all sizes

Small-picture solutions use connected infrastructure to make improvements to daily life – such as smart cities that won’t force drivers to idle at a traffic light when there are no other cars at the intersection.

Big-picture solutions leverage the power of smart infrastructure to save resources and lives – such as automatic water valve sensors that divert run-off during storms to prevent flash flooding or sewer overflows.

Current Projects

Digital Enterprise Center

Purdue Polytechnic’s digital manufacturing and design research laboratory, once known as the Product Lifecycle Management Center, is changing its name to the Digital Enterprise Center.

Jun Han Bae, Wonse Jo, Gary Bertoline & Jun Zhang

Research assistants in Purdue Polytechnic displayed research projects at the Realizing the Digital Enterprise Graduate Student Poster Session.

Blue Avion

Blueavion f1, an airport sensor system co-developed by John Mott, associate professor of aviation technology, is now available commercially. The product was tested at the Purdue University Airport.


A knowledge gap in the development of alternative aviation fuels led to the creation of the Fuel Laboratory of Renewable Energy (FLORE), a new interdisciplinary research lab in Purdue’s Potter Engineering Center directed by Gozdem Kilaz, assistant professor of engineering technology.


Petr Vozka, a graduate student in the School of Engineering Technology, hopes to make the certification process for alternative fuels easier by constructing bridges between fuel chemistry and performance.


Jorge León, a graduate research assistant working with José Garcia-Bravo in the School of Engineering Technology, hopes to use hydraulic devices and fuzzy logic theory to maximize the energy efficiency in electric busses.