Current Projects

Realizing the Digital Enterprise 

Solving problems of all sizes

Small-picture solutions use connected infrastructure to make improvements to daily life – such as smart cities that won’t force drivers to idle at a traffic light when there are no other cars at the intersection.

Big-picture solutions leverage the power of smart infrastructure to save resources and lives – such as automatic water valve sensors that divert run-off during storms to prevent flash flooding or sewer overflows.

Current Projects

Brittany Newell, assistant professor of engineering technology

By characterizing and enhancing the material properties of dielectric electroactive polymers, Brittany Newell, assistant professor of engineering technology, develops sensors that can send information and react to specific conditions. These sensors can be used to notify technicians and postpone failure in industrial and medical applications.

educating students and practitioners about cybersecurity

Baijian “Justin” Yang, associate professor of computer and information technology, aims to educate students and practitioners about cybersecurity threats before they are confronted with a real security breach.

Camera light sensor can act as solar cell

Daniel Leon-Salas, associate professor of engineering technology, wants his camera’s light sensor to do more. His research focuses on using the light sensor as a type of solar cell that can harvest energy when it isn’t capturing images. With this advance, cameras could produce their own energy, making it easier to deploy these sensors with less infrastructure.