I love how friendly and engaging the CNIT professors are. They will answer your questions about things both inside and outside the classroom.
Matt Kerner
Computer Information Technology

Matt Kerner

Computer Information Technology

What has been one of your favorite class projects?
My favorite class project was from CNIT 315 where my friends and I got to code a video game for our final project. We got an A!

What other activities are you involved in on campus?
I am involved with the Ambassador program as well as the Cyber Security club here on campus. I am also a very active member of the Paint Crew.

What was something unique about one of your summer internships?
I worked for a company that made the first self-driving car which crossed the country autonomously.

What do you know about your program of study now that you wish someone had told you when you were choosing a major?
I wish I knew what about all the different concentrations CNIT has to offer. There is something for everyone no matter what your interest is.

What would be one piece of advice for prospective students or new Purdue students?
Make sure to get involved with clubs outside of your major. You will meet new people and learn some fun new skills.

What made you decide to choose your specific major?
I chose CNIT because I love computers and wanted a mix of programming and hardware. 

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