Partner Benefits

Industrial Partners Membership

Membership - $50,000 per year


Intellectual Property Agreement:

  • General PLM Center of Excellence agreement signed by all members
  • Specific IP agreements for company projects when appropriate and required


Potential Member Benefits

  • Opportunity for collaboration/discussion with other IAB members to gain input and feedback from their expertise
  • Contribute to the definition of research project topics and vote for those to receive funding
  • Obtain early access to research results, including publications and white papers
  • Short course from the research project results
  • The opportunity to propose other projects to be funded independent of the Seed Grants
  • Engage in PLM benchmarking/roadmapping activities with Purdue PLM-related faculty as appropriate
  • On-site faculty presentation/seminar
  • The opportunity to propose capstone/independent study projects in appropriate departments
  • Student recruitment
  • Attend annual conferences, seminars, training forums, and demonstrations of latest technologies
  • Participate in panel discussion being held at Purdue in PLM-related areas
  • Guest lectures for classes in order to share expertise, increase company recognition among Purdue students having interests in PLM careers, and build ties to Purdue faculty

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