Past Projects

Data Management:

PLMPDM Investigation, Evaluation, and Demonstration for PLM - Dr. Craig Miller (Computer Graphics Technology)

Exploratory Research in Database Systems Support for Product Lifecycle Management - Dr. Walid Aref (Computer Science)

Implementing ontology-based information sharing in Product Lifecycle Management – Dr. John Springer (Computer & Information Technology)


Cutting Edge Visualization for Product Lifecycle Management - Dr. Voicu Popescu and Dr. Chris Hoffmann (Computer Science)

Creation of Design Spaces and Exploration Through Visualization and Configuration - Dr. Karthik Ramani (Mechanical Engineering)

PLM Visualization on Mobile Devices - Dr. Voicu Popescu (Computer Science) and Dr. Nate Hartman (Computer Graphics Technology)

Examining the Use of Lightweight 3D Formats on Handheld Devices - Dr. Nathan Hartman (Computer Graphics Technology)


Configuration Driven Design for Knowledge Re-use During Product Lifecycle - Dr. Karthik Ramani (Mechanical Engineering)

Next Generation DHM for Assessing Short Duration Events in Work Analysis & Design - Dr. Vince Duffy (Industrial Engineering)

A Procedure of Analysis of Feasibility and Uncertainty in Distributed Product Development Environments - Dr. Ganesh Subbarayan (Mechanical Engineering)


PLMPLM Cross Functional Certification and Training: Efficacy and Competency Profile - Dr. Darrel Sandall and Dr. Abe Walton (Organizational Leadership and Supervision)

PLM Collaboration Training Using Advanced Distance Learning Strategies - Dr. Edie Schmidt (Industrial Technology)

Value Characterization across the Product Lifecycle to Support Green PLM and New Business Creation – Dr. John Sutherland (Environmental and Ecological Engineering) and Dr. Larry Nies (Civil Engineering)


PLM Metrics, Phase I, II, and III - Dr. Cynthia Tomovic (Organizational Leadership and Supervision)

Models to Support Auto-ID Based Process Control Systems in PLM - Dr. Edie Schmidt (Industrial Technology)

Integrated Sensing and Diagnostics for Product lifecycle Health Management of Gas Turbine Engines: Application to Wire Harness and Connectors - Dr. Doug Adams (Mechanical Engineering)

Integration of PLM and ERP for BOM management – Dr. Edie Schmidt (Industrial Technology) and Dr. Hank Kraebber (Mechanical Engineering Technology)


Product lifecycle Management: Roadmap to Global Sustainability - Dr. Scott Homan (Organizational Leadership and Supervision)

Energy and Sustainability Models in PLM - Dr. Karthik Ramani (Mechanical Engineering)