Virtual Product Integration


The PLM Center is instrumental in educating undergraduate and graduate students in product lifecycle management. The undergraduate major is called virtual product integration.

Virtual Product Integration Major in Computer Graphics Technology

  • Geometric Modeling for Visualization and Communication (CGT 116) - A core introductory computer graphics course that provides entry-level experiences in geometric modeling. Students develop geometric analysis and modeling construction techniques and processes to produce accurate computer models for graphic visualization and communication.
  • Introduction to Constraint-Based Modeling (CGT 226) - This course explores the techniques used in the construction and manipulation of constraint-based solid models and assemblies. Emphasizes extracting data from models. Downstream applications of data and the impact on overall product design processes are explored.
  • Graphics Standards for Product Definition (CGT 326) - Introduction to product data exchange and interoperability standards, ANSI and NIST product documentation standards, product modeling standards, methodologies for technology selection, implementation, and evaluation. This course supports the product archival and communication processes in a PLM environment.
  • Product Data Management (CGT 423) - This course provides an understanding of the types of data generated and used in the product lifecycle, the current tools and methodologies in the management of that data, and system analysis and implementation techniques for using PDM as the backbone supporting a company's product development and implementation activities. Interaction between various enterprise systems is also discussed.
  • Industry Applications of Simulation and Visualization (CGT 426) - This course focuses on developing mathematically accurate physical-visual simulations of mechanisms, systems, and assemblies. Topics include physical system analysis; coordinate systems; inverse kinematics; linear, rotational, and reciprocating motion. Simulations will be created using modeling technology, programmed scripting, and diverse software.

PLM Graduate Courses in Computer Graphics Technology

  • Product Lifecycle Management (CGT 514) - A survey of the graphical knowledge base with business and industry applications that support the product lifecycle management process is presented. Graphical applications used in the development of a product from an initial concept through its disposal are covered. Current and past application topics are reviewed in both theoretical and technological aspects and are validated through applied research. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of product lifecycle management through industrial case studies.

Undergraduate Minor in Product Lifecycle Management

A minor in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is available to select majors outside of CGT. Students who complete the minor will gain applied knowledge in current and emerging topics in PLM associated with the design, documentation, manufacture and support of products and related services.