Purdue Bound

Purdue Bound


Purdue Bound strengthens the educational pipeline for under-represented minorities and low income students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines. Purdue Bound brings together critical elements of the educational process: students, parents, teachers, private industry partners, university faculty and staff to provide a pathway to success. This successful model addresses the national concern that STEM education is lagging in the United States by impacting the local community. Purdue University partners with local corporations and the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to better prepare students for STEM careers by engaging them in STEM activities and exposing them to a world class university. Through Purdue Bound, many under-represented minorities and first-generation students are prepared for college and career opportunities in STEM that await them.

Its comprehensive program design addresses the needs of STEM education at both public school and college levels. Grade point standards, SAT preparation and more rigorous coursework better equips students for college level coursework. Summer camp workshops, research, shadowing and mentoring cultivate and provide enriching experiences for participants. This holistic model serves to promote career refinement, character and leadership development. Corporate involvement adds value to the participant experience. Students are mentored by professionals, and receive valuable hands-on experiences that teach them the practical relevance of math and science as tools to solve real world problems.


More than 98% of students who complete the Purdue Bound high school program go on to college. At the college level, where 72% of the participants fall into the underrepresented minority category, students mature academically and professionally. Purdue Bound scholars are actively involved on campus, conduct research, study abroad and participate in internships. Since 2011, the program has graduated more than 100 Purdue alumni who have entered the ranks of the professional world or are pursuing graduate studies.


IPS facilitators, guidance counselors and administrators play an extremely important function in the success of Purdue Bound. Not only are facilitators responsible for identifying participants and leading after school sessions, they are strategically positioned as role models, career coaches, who whet the appetite of students for discovery, investigation and research.


Corporate industry partners have teamed up with Purdue Bound for company-led projects within public schools. Rolls Royce works with Arsenal Tech students to build solar cars. Raytheon partners closely with Harshman Middle School staff and students to build catapults and provide company tours. Also, each year industry partners interview and select Purdue Bound students for internships and work experiences within their companies. These experiences change lives and allow students to envision their future careers.


For more information, contact Brooke Huntington at purduebound@purdue.edu