Industrial Technology Certificate

Industrial Technology Certificate

The certificate in industrial technology is designed to help you improve your technical and leadership skills. A certificate consists of 18 credit hours.

The certificate program is designed for:

  • full-time employees who wish to pursue their education on a part-time basis
  • employees who are in supervisory positions who also want additional skills
  • employees who want to move into a role with more responsibilities

Many of the courses taken while completing a certificate can be applied toward associate and bachelor's degrees in the same program.

All certificate-track students must apply to and meet admission requirements of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute.


(Statewide locations only)

Students may complete the certificate program below by satisfactorily completing all courses
listed with a grade of C- or higher. Transfer credit applied to the certificate is limited to no
more than 6 credit hours.

Phase I – Foundation

(3) IT 10400 Industrial Organization (or TLI 11100 Introduction to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems)
(3) IT 11400 Problem Solving in Manufacturing


Phase 2 – Broadening

(3) IT 21400 Introduction to Lean Manufacturing (or TLI 23500 Introduction to Lean & Sustainable System)
(3) IT 23000 Industrial Supply Chain Management (or TLI 21400 Introduction to Supply Chain Management Technology)

Phase 3 – Specialization (choose two of the following)

(3) IT 28100 Industrial Safety or IT 35100 Advanced Industrial Safety and Health Management
(3) IT 33000 Industrial Sales and Sales Management
(3) IT 33200 Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Management
(3) IT 34500 Automatic Identification and Data Capture
(3) IT 38100 Total Productive Maintenance
(3) IT 38500 Industrial Ergonomics
18 Total credit hours for certificate