2014-06-16: This is Purdue University Aviation

Since 1930, Purdue University Aviation has led the world in Aviation education and research.  This is Purdue University Aviation.


2014-04-23:  The Hangar of the Future (HOF)

Hangar of the Future Research Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative research space housed within the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. The student experience in HOF involves practical research, rapid and innovative solution development and - because we also operate where the light bends over the horizon - testing some far out, novel uses of existing technologies applied to the aerospace and air transportation operational environment.

2014-04-15:  The Purdue University Flight Team

This week's feature in our video series is the Purdue Flight Team.  It's not JUST for pilots; check it out! 

Purdue University Aviation and Transportation Technology has been a global leader in aviation education since the 1930's. In fact, Purdue University Airport was the first university-owned airport in the United States. In 1930, David Ross donated a tract of land to be used as an aeronautical education and research facility at Purdue University. The world has changed since the 1930's; Purdue Aviation continues on the leading edge of research and education in the aviation and aerospace industry. We're excited to share some of the things we think make Purdue Aviation special.  The first in our new series of videos features the Cirrus SR20 aircraft in our fleet.  We have 16 of these beautiful airplanes, and students in the flight major spend many hours flying them.  Come and see!

Professor Larry Gross has been a Boilermaker and aviator for more than 40 years. Professor Gross has taught generations of Purdue flight students, and impacted lives across the world. Come and meet him!  He's one of the people that make Purdue Aviation special.