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Student Employee and TA Training (Mandatory bi-annual training)
For ALL Graduate & Undergraduate students to take training:

-Read the Employee Training 2016-17 Document
-Take the Employee Training 20116-17 Quiz:
-Take FERPA Certification:

For those doing TA work for Course Credit:

-Pick up necessary forms from NISW 192
                -Form 23
                -SATT Form 435

-Have Forms Filled Out IN THIS ORDER:
                -By Faculty Member you are working for (SATT Form 435)
                -By Richard Fanjoy (Form 23 and SATT Form 435)
                *****REMINDER:  Bring Training Quiz Confirmation and FERPA Certification
                                Richard Fanjoy

                -By Advisor (Form 23 and SATT Form 435)
                *****REMINDER:  Bring Training Quiz Confirmation and FERPA Certification

-Once signed, take forms to…
                -Form 23  -  Hovde 45 by 4:30pm on August 29-September 19

For ANY Paid Position:
-Make sure to turn in all appropriate paperwork to the Business Office ASAP

Please email if you have any questions regarding this process. Or stop by NISW 172 to speak with the SATT admin office.

TechConnect Portal

The TechConnect portal is a useful tool to connect students to internships, capstone projects, and other exciting opportunities. Access TechConnect.

Center for Career Opportunities

The Center for Career Opportunities at Purdue University offers career services to Purdue students, alumni and employers.  

Visit the CCO online or in person.

Help the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) share graduate successes by completing the First Destination Survey (click on the blue "Tell Us Your Plans" link once you arrive at the CCO site).

Cooperative (CO-OP) Education Program

Cooperative education (co-op) brings together the worlds of education and work. Co-op students alternate sessions of full-time work with semesters of full-time study. On-the-job, they apply classroom theory to workplace production projects. As they work with professionals, they learn about the potential for their chosen careers. In the classroom, work experience makes theory meaningful.

Learn about Co-Op opportunities