Purdue Polytechnic Institute Statewide Online Courses

These courses are available to Purdue Polytechnic Statewide students. To sign up for these classes, they must be listed on your local schedule. If you do not see one of these classes on your location schedule, please contact your local Student Services Coordinator (see Contacts). Please note the dates listed. Some classes may not follow your local calendar schedule. It is the student's responsibility to know when the classes begin and end. Unless directed otherwise by the instructor, these classes will be available on Purdue's Blackboard Learn, www.purdue.edu/Blackboard.


Spring 2018 Schedule: click here

Summer 2018 Schedule: click here

Fall 2018 Schedule (may change): click here


1. You will be registered for your online course by your local Student Services Coordinator and you will be able to view it in myPurdue. To the instructor, you will not be identified as a Purdue Polytechnic Institute student from any specific location.

2. You will be billed by your Purdue Polytechnic Institute location at its tuition rate for all of your courses, regardless of where they originate. The courses will count toward any financial aid you may receive.

3. Most courses will be on Blackboard, www.purdue.edu/blackboard, but they could be on a different application at the instructor’s discretion.

4. Any communication will be using your Purdue email account or the messaging system within Blackboard. Instructors are not to email students using non-academic email addresses.

5. Participation in the course is monitored in the first few weeks. You must begin your course and participate in order to remain in the course. If the instructor reports no activity, you may be dropped from the course and you will be responsible for all fees. Most online courses allow flexibility, but weekly activity is usually required.

6. If you need to drop your online course, you must contact your Student Services Coordinator to fill out the proper documentation. If you do not fill out a drop form and simply stop attending a course, you will be responsible for any fees assessed. During the regular academic semesters of fall and spring, refund amounts are reflected by your local academic calendar. During the summer, academic calendars vary greatly so refund amounts will be determined on an individual basis.

7. Enjoy the flexibility of an online course, but be responsible. Remember, you are not required to sit in a class 2-1/2 hours per week, but plan on at least that much time toward each of your online classes to be successful. Also, do not put things off to the last minute. You never know what technical issues may affect you.