Research Experience for Undergraduates in Collaborative Data Visualization Applications

Purdue Polytechnic Institute Computer Graphics Technology Department invites undergraduates with an interest in visualization to participate in cutting-edge undergraduate research at Purdue University. 

The VisREU Experience: Paid Research Experience, Professional Development, Developing Lifetime Transferrable Skills; Building Visualization Competencies

2014 VisREU Collage


What is Visualization

Visualization is the process of transforming raw data into a visual representation of relationships that exist within the data. Visualization leads to insight, better understanding of relationships between variables that exist in the data. Regardless of your academic major, at some point during your academic life you will have a need to visualize something. The VisREU Site is the perfect opportunity to learn about the visualization pipeline, applications and tools to help you create impactful visualizations. 

About the Program

The program identifies research collaborators with visualization needs and assigns each student to a REU team. Each REU team consists of a research/science collaborator, a visualization mentor and a visualization REU student. This arrangement fosters collaboration among team members, an appreciation of the visualization process and an understanding of the role visualization plays in discovery and analysis. Research areas of this site include (but is not limited to): computer science, genetics and biochemistry, geophysics, sociology, molecular modeling and simulation, inorganic chemistry, social media, parks recreation tourism management, biological sciences, athletics and digital humanities, to name a few. Students will participate in activities as a member of their REU Team, their Research Lab, and their REU cohort thereby creating a rich, multidisciplinary research experience that will include enrichment lectures, excursions and social events.

Who Should Apply

Students enrolled in a US University or college, in good academic standing, with at least two semesters remaining in their undergraduate program. Women and members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. All majors are encouraged to apply. We are looking for students with an interest in visualization from non-technical and technical backgrounds. 

The VisREU Experience

Participants of the program will gain hands-on experience doing interdisciplinary research while gaining an appreciation for the visualization process. The program is designed to allow students to refine their presentation skills, networking skills, and technical writing skills. Upon completion of the summer program students will have transferrable skills they can apply to their academic and professional pursuits. 

In addition to the exposure to cutting edge research, students selected to participate will receive a travel stipend for one round trip to and from Purdue, a housing allowance, a bi-weekly stipend to cover living expenses and access to research faculty and cyberinfrastructure resources to help facilitate their success in the program.


Previous REU Site Sponsored by NSF ACI Grant No. 1359223

Dr. Vetria L. Byrd, PI (2014/2015)​​