Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson Alumni Profile
Computer and Information Technology '10, MS '12
Voice Service Management Analyst for ExxonMobil

What factors led you to pursue a career in IT? 

I was drawn to computers at an early age and have always enjoyed technology’s rapid changes. Seeing the demand for IT workers as well as the variety of job opportunities within IT solidified my decision to pursue a career I was truly passionate about. 

Did you participate in internships?

Yes, I interned with Regal Beloit the summer of my freshman year and then with ExxonMobil the following four summers.

Did you participate in Study Abroad?

Yes, I participated in the Atlantis master’s program where I spent a semester in Barcelona, Spain, and then another semester in Dublin, Ireland.

What advice would you give to current or prospective CIT students?

CIT gives you a lot of options for choosing your courses; choose the ones that truly interest you. It is much easier to stay up late studying when you are interested in the material. Try and participate in a study abroad program. Not only is it a very fun adventure, but it will also help prepare you for working on global teams that are often found in IT. My last bit of advice is to volunteer to help at career fairs and join professional groups like AITP. Both are great opportunities for making an impression on companies and setting yourself apart from other students.